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It is always exciting and joyful to welcome a great Feng Shui Master like Marylynn into your home or business. As a Feng Shui Master with 23 years of experience, you can feel safe in the knowledge that Marylynn has the knowledge to change your life for the better. She can look at architectural plans confidentially, no matter where you live anywhere in the world, and carry out the all important precise reading of the front of the building to draw up a chart, and give recommendations to improve inhabitants' support, protection, love life, health, studies, career, wealth and luck. The surroundings and location are very important, as everything relates and vibrates to affect your home and building even - subtly. Every direction of the compass relates to a part of the body, so one can dramatically neutralise and detect sickness. Marylynn can also find out about the destiny and luck patterns of family and staff connected to a building, as everyone has their own destiny luck that they can enhance. Feng Shui is a science when practised professionally that brings about positive changes. Experience it now with a special price of £368 for Soul & Spirit readers.


It is always exciting and joyful to welcome a great Feng Shui Master like Marylynn into your home or business. As a Feng Shui Master with 23 years of experience,…

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Year of the Earth Dog 2018

The Year of the DOG 2018 in the CHINESE HSIA CALENDAR is symbolised two Chinese characters - with YANG EARTH sitting on top… Read More

Year of the Fire Rooster 2017

FIRE conquers Metal again in 2017, so the elements like last year are again in a destructive cycle. This is like a fighting relationship as Fire melts the metal… Read More

Year of the Fire Monkey 2016

FIRE conquers Metal, so the elements are in a destructive cycle, a fighting relationship as fire melts metal. Things can flare up easily… Read More


Authentic feng shui is an art and a science. Its origins can be traced back thousands of years to paintings in caves in china. The form school animals black tortoise, white tiger, green dragon and red phoenix are testimony to its ancient origins. The theories and applications have developed over time and changed. Once feng shui was secretly practiced by the emperor and the aristocracy, but now this highly prized knowledge is available to all. Professional feng shui today is practiced with a Lopan (special compass) that is read to survey a property. Then one applies with precision the formulas and techniques that have made feng shui a science.

The observation of nature has always played a vital part in the development of feng shui too. The relationship between yourself, your family, your home and business to the environment is what can be enhanced. This energy (chii) how it flows and interacts, so harmony can prevail and luck and abundance can be increased.

Like in Chinese medicine, the application and understanding of the 5 elements wood, fire, earth, metal and water is important, not just for optimum health but for all aspects of our daily lives.

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DOG | The EARTH DOG in 2018 has to REMEDY in order to achieve. He has the TAI SUI so he must place a pair of WHITE JADE PIXIU facing out 300 degrees to protect himself and draw to himself financial luck as well. The Pixiu can put a pair of METAL PIXIU…

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PIG | The PIG is considered the luckiest of all CHINESE ASTROLOGICAL SIGNS. He is compassionate, efficient and has good brain power and in 2018 he has an affinity with the Dog so with the energies of the year. He has the the luck of the number 1 White Star…

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RAT | In 2018 the clever RAT has to borrow the luck the luck of another sign to shift his luck into a positive drive. Alone he struggles with trials and tribulations of misfortune through out the year due to the flying star 5 yellows in the NORTH SECTOR…

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Ox | The strong hardworking OX is affected by the No. 3 Anger, Dispute and Litigation Star, so he must be wary of drawing to himself litigation. He must stay positive and calm as possible and avoid getting involved in arguments. Creating strong positive…

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TIGER | The TIGER 60 degrees is affected by the Number 3 Anger, Dispute and Litigation Star, but he is sitting on a strong foundation EARTH SEAL mountain luck flanked by huge auspicious luck. He has the ability to go far in 2018 if he stays calm…

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RABBIT | In 2018 the sympathetic joyful RABBIT blends in harmony with the energies of the year and uses his strategic thinking to make the best of things. He is infused with a lot of auspicious positive luck and sufficient intelligence to know how to cope with…

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DRAGON | In 2018 despite the Flying Star 8 Wealth Star helping you to make and store money, the ambitious DRAGON will find it hard to soar to the top as he will encounter trouble. However high he aims he can easily miss the mark as he is not in synch with the energies of the year and is in…

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SNAKE | The SNAKE in 2018 sitting on the HEAVEN SEAL mountain plus enjoying the WEALTH STAR 8 is a golden dazzling SNAKE.The Snake is positioned to strike and win. Place a SNAKE ON COINS 150 degrees SOUTH EAST. Silently the SNAKE climbs up the ladder of success, but with his Noblemen…

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HORSE | The HORSE in 2018 as the ally of the DOG, is running in harmony with the beneficial annual energies and his NOBLEMEN support him. The Taoist Annual Stars are good for him financially and with the DOG, SHEEP and TIGER helping him, he has enough positive energies to create golden opportunities in 2018…

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SHEEP | HEAVEN LUCK with the Flying Star Number 6 smiles on the fortunate gentle SHEEP in 2018. You have strong success stars with a lot of powerful mentor luck as Noblemen support you as well as your own. Display SHEEP WITH COINS with HORSE ON COINS, RABBIT ON COINS AND PIG ON COINS…

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MONKEY | The cheeky fun loving MONKEY can scheme and make plans that will make him shine in 2018. however he must build himself up to be very strong as he is flanked by poor stars. You are blessed with the GOLDEN GILDED EDGE in 2018 so place 240 degrees a MONKEY ON COINS…

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ROOSTER | The ROOSTER's Flower of Romance is the HORSE who has the annual Romance Star flying Star 4 and Educational Academic Star. This gives the ROOSTER the charm and the charisma he needs in 2018 to enhance his love life whether single or married. The ROOSTER is…

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By attending the Inchbald School of Design in London, after passing A level ART, and then working for an architect in 1970's the beginning of my interest in creating new interiors and landscapes was confirmed.. My design portfolio then gained me a place at the Beaux Arts in Paris. Sadly circumstances forced me to study languages. My painting and design became a hobby. and I occasionally sold pictures or donated them. In 1975 I had the opportunity to attend The Regent Academy of Fine Arts to refresh my Interior Design and to study Feng Shui with a Chinese Master. I passed and went on to study under Grand Master Lillian Too in London and Grand Master Raymond Lo. I passed my Diploma with him in 2000 and when on to study Advanced Feng Shui. In 2002 Master Michael OON passed onto me the Feng Shui- on line- website. I visited the Far East regularly and traveled to China three times with Grand Master Tann. In 2008, after further examination I was made into an accredited IFSA Feng Shui Master in Singapore.


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